Mobile Food Service and Catering

I want to make your event even more successful by providing exceptional culinary options!
Duane Musser, President
Culinary Logistics, LLC

What We Offer


Coffee, Tea, Boba, and more!

Our Boba and Coffee stand, The Sip Ship, draws a crowd! We offer plenty of refreshing options to keep customers happy and energized! Whether it is a warm cider on a fall day or a cold drink on a summer day, we have options to quench any thirst.


The smell that makes your mouth water

Our pit master makes the best multi-regional BBQ in Indiana, including the best brisket in the state (or so he claims). Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Turkey, or sausages, we can fill that craving for simple smoked meat. Our amazing unique side dishes round out any meal for those who need more.


Hot Dogs and Burgers, too!

Is a hot dog sandwich? Not everyone agrees but everyone does know that a great hot dog is the perfect simple food to satisfy any appetite. We offer the best kosher all-beef weiners and an array of toppings that provide a unique twist for every palate.


By the slice, or by the pie - Coming Soon

New York? Chicago? Detroit? Who has the best pizza? No comment. However, we make a great pie. While we can respect the traditional flavors, we aren’t afraid to get to get creative. We start with the best flavors and bake it in our hot oven and bring out the best slice just for you.

Why Us

How we do it

Great Food

We are passionate about great food! Our family business is based on multiple generations of preparing and serving (and eating) amazing cuisine.

Great Service

Next to making great food, we pride ourselves in our excellent service. We believe that great service makes great food even better!


We love what we do and that makes a world of difference. Don’t trust me? Check out this article from The Associate for Psychological Science.

About Us

Who we are

Culinary Logistics, LLC is a family run food business

Making great food is in our blood

The Musser family has been making food for generations.  We have been serving the people of Central Indiana for over 50 years.  My grandparents ran a concession stand.  My parents worked restaurants and catering.  I grew up working in restaurants.  Now, my son, Tyler, and I are bringing this tradition of culinary excellence to you.  

– Duane Musser, President, Culinary Logistics

Duane Musser started washing dishes in restaurants when he was old enough to reach over the sink.  He continued working in restaurants until college, when he started working in tech.  With a degree in Computer Science, he ventured out into the world to make great software, all while still honing his culinary prowess and dreaming of having his own food business.   “I like to eat, so I had to learn to cook” was his driving motto.

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